Thank you for taking the time to visit with my family.
I would love you to sign my guest book and leave a message. :-)

2. Mar, 2019

Gina Cadwaladr

Hi, I was wondering if you are likely to have any pups this year..2019.. or alternatively any older dog available . We are on the Sunshine Coast. I grew up with a Pembroke and my grandmother had a Cardigan Corgi. We are not in a hurry but would love to
know if you plan anything this year.

Kind regards. Gina

16. Feb, 2017


Hi, my name is Mia. Me and my partner have been looking a while for a corgi pup to join us in life. We are not in a hurry to get one and browsing the internet for interesting breeders. We both have had corgis in our families before. And when i look at
your dogs they look so healthy and happy and I'm wondering if you will have any litters this year? We prefer a brindle male pup but in the end of the day the color isn't that important:) have a great day with your beautiful dogs!

28. May, 2015


Thanks Alice, lovely to know he has the best home I could want for him

Website 27. May, 2015

Alice Jackson

I was lucky enough to purchase the most handsome Throdice puppy (biased view maybe?!) Throdice Celtic Mask, aka Bertie, who was born 26/11/13. Since entering my life, he has been beyond a joy to have, and I could not imagine ever not having him by my side.
He is the most loyal, playful, loving, beautiful boy, and I am eternally grateful to Jenny for entrusting him with me. He now enjoys a very busy life being a farm dog; looking after horses and ponies, rounding up geese, playing in anything related to water
(hose water, puddles, dams), going to town to get dressed up by the girls at the local groomers where he gets his hydrobaths (and, of course, glitter spray), and lazing around in bed with hundreds of toys. Bertie is my first corgi, but he certainly will not
be my last! Thanks again, Jenny... Can never express how much this chunky boy means to me :-)